Issue Briefs in this Series

These briefs were made possible through a generous grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Click on the links below, that open into a new window, to read each brief.

Movement Matters: Promoting Health and Well-Being Afterschool
by Beth Beard

Learning in 3D: Arts and Cultural Programming in Afterschool
by Dr. Julia Gittleman

Making the Case: Quality Afterschool Programs Matter
by Dr. Georgia Hall and Diane Gruber

Back to the Future: Engaging Older Youth
by Dr. Georgia Hall and Diane Gruber

Access to Afterschool Programs: Overcoming the Barriers to Getting Youth "in the Door"
by Priscilla Little

The Realm of Afterschool... A World of Diversity
by Priscilla Little

The Potential of Summer: Closing the Achievement Gap
by Dr. Beth Miller